“Our son has been attending Acorn After School Club for 4 years now and he loves it. We have found it to be very convenient for working parents – not only during term time, but during the school holidays too.

It is run by a dedicated and professional team who have the balance between discipline and fun for all the kids just right.

We will miss it very much when our son leaves to go onto secondary school and we are sure he will too. We would recommend Ackroyd as a safe place for working parents absolutely”.
Jenny and Phil Amarm – Parents

“I would recommend Acorn After School Club to any parent or care-giver wanting to find an excellent childcare service provision. In my case my young son is picked up by Acorn’s staff from the local school five days a week. He has gently settled in and get involved in an array of activities offered to the children. Children from various schools are picked up and are provided with a light dinner before being picked up just before 6pm.

Whilst under the roof of Acorn, I honestly feel my son is safe and sound in this friendly child centred environment where the centre’s management puts the safety first and always with a smile. My son says he is happy so what more can i say. Well done Acorn and Angelica!”
Felicia Agyeman – Parent

“I have a young daughter with a disability who has recently started to attend Acorn After School Club. She has been welcomed there with open arms by both the staff and other children that attend.

Due to the positive approach from the club I have recently offered my help as a volunteer.
Acorn is a fun and enriching place at the heart of our community”.
Michelle … – Mother

“My name is Niah, I am seven years old and I go to Dalmain Primary School. I like Acorn because I can learn how to knit and have my face painted”
Niah 7 – Acorn Attendee

“Sometimes the food is good, sometimes we play football. The staff are good and there are a lot of people to play with. It rates up to four stars”.
Jack 9 – Acorn Attendee

“What I like about Acorn is that we get a lot of games to play with and instead of having cold meals we have hot ones and every two days a drama teacher comes. When it is hot we sometimes get to go outside and we have brilliant staff. I think Acorn is very good at letting us have face paints and tattoos”.
Kelsey 8 – Acorn Attendee